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Tom Green's Injuries

Here is a presentation of the injuries I have suffered recently. I only just started cataloging them, so give me a chance. I am sure within the next few months I will have plenty of pictures. Friends have kindly offered to supply me with an axe or gasoline for a good burn injury, but I will just wait for nature to take it's course. Thanks everyone! Hopefully none will be so severe that I am not able to take pictures. :)

Some of the pictures are a little unsettling... so if you are at all squeamish you may want to reconsider looking any further... fair warning...

May 2000
Not sure how I even did this, I can't remember. It sure hurt though...

February 2001
Feb2001-1.jpg Feb2001-2.jpg Feb2001-3.jpg
Wow, this one hurt alot. Got me on two fingers. The middle one was swollen for several days, it's getting better now though. I was pulling wires for some burner controls through an old conduit that was pretty full. The wire I was using to pull the new wires with broke and my hand slammed into the sharp metal edge of the bottom of the burner control cabinet. Wowzers it was sore!

October 2001
This one didn't hurt so much, but it was pretty stupid. Terry threw me a piece of wood from the 3rd floor and I caught it... with my wrist... damn gravity... I woulda had it Terry!! If it wasn't for gravity... Now Paul will tell Terry that I did this and I will be humiliated :) Which is okay...

March 2002
The Icicle Cut!
Mar2002-1.jpg Mar2002-2.jpg
I knocked an icicle off the front of the house, it fell safely to the ground, but a second icicle that broke off from the collateral damage to it's foothold by the first icicle caused it to drop too. That second icicle was a cunning devil, I didn't even see it coming... now look at it... I know these are few, far between and DULL, but what can I do? I'm not going to TRY to get hurt dammit...

March 2002
Mar2002-5.jpg Mar2002-4.jpg Mar2002-3.jpg
Brand new Sears snowblower would not blow snow after one use, engaging the auger just caused the snowblower to make a horrible grinding noise. I examined the belt/pulley area and saw that the pulley attached to the auger shaft was not tight. It had actually thrown one of the two bolts that were supposed to hold the pulley to the shaft, and the key that was supposed to fit in the keyway was missing. I had to remove the auger assembly from the snowblower and reattach the pulley. While tightening the bolts that hold the auger to the snowblower, the socket slipped causing my left hand to fly into a bolt holding the chute in place. The result? An INJURY!! Nice skin chunkage on this one...

April 2002
Apr2002-1.jpg Apr2002-2.jpg
Injuries sustained during the Cottonwood Cutting. The cottonwood tree in the back of the house had to go. There was a 12,000 volt power line nearby (15 feet). One branch in particular caused untold problems. That's an entire story in itself. The left injury occurred after the branch finally broke loose and was lowered to the ground. While cutting it up something must have flown up from the chainsaw and caught me on the left elbow. The right injury is of the CBA variety (Cottonwood Bark Abrasion) and affected the right forearm area. Nothing too bad, mere minor maladies. I am sure there will be more since the tree isn't down yet.

December 2002
Dec2002-1.jpg Dec2002-2.jpg
Injuries sustained while removing a plug from a receptacle. I don't know what my hand hit when the plug "popped" out of the receptacle, but it cut two of my fingers... hmmm...

March 2003
Mar2003-1.jpg Mar2003-2.jpg Mar2003-3.jpg
I was screwing an 8' fluorescent light fixture into the ceiling with a battery operated drill. The bit came off the head of the screw and drove the bit into my left thumb. Sounds like a good name for a movie. "My left thumb" It hurt. A lot. It still does. That white piece is a loose chunk that I pasted back into place, it was still hanging on so I put it back in place.

August 2003
Head Laceration!
Aug2003-1.jpg Aug2003-2.jpg Aug2003-3.jpg
It's about time I got a head shot on here. I took a shot in the head first, then I took some head shots. This is what happens when you stand up without paying attention to what is above your head while standing up. You can tell that I had begun to look up, just as my head hit the edge of some ductwork for a furnace that was being replaced at the Arden job in Edina. It hurt quite a bit. It was hot in the house and the heat combined with the blood and swelling made for an uncomfortable afternoon and evening. But at least I now have a head shot!!!

November 2005
Head Smash
I can't believe it's been over 2 years since I have had an injury worthy of this page. You know me, Mr. Safe!! This nasty little wound is a result of smashing my head into the corner of a Cleveland Actuator on a boiler at the Eisenhower Elementary School in Hopkins Minnesota. I was drilling a hole in some steel, when the drill bit went through the steel, my entire body moved forward, propelling my head into the Cleveland Actuator. It crossed my eyes, gave me a headache. I had to go in the corner and have myself a good cry. :)

July 2006
Hand Skrape
Hmmm. Many months have gone by. I may still post the post skin-cancer chunk removal picture, but it still makes me sick to look at it, maybe someday. Maybe a small picture. In the meanwhile, here is a picture of the back of my hand after attempting to open a door at J. H. Larson. I had my hands full of a heavy box, I pushed on the panic bar with the back of my hand and something went wrong. I am not sure exactly what happened, but when I looked at my hand after throwing the box in the van, this is what I saw. Hmmmm. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Ouch!

October 2011
Steel Pipe to Finger
October 2011
And now another 5 YEARS! Wow! A 6" steel pipe fell off the top of a boiler. I grabbed for it in an attempt to prevent the pipe from hitting the gas train. I deflected the pipe enough so it missed the gas train, but it took out a chunk of finger during the deflection.

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